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Eden - Oxfordshire, England - Women Coaching 

"Having Fran as my coach is just wonderful, and I would absolutely recommend her. 


Our sessions continue to help me accept my neurodivergence; I feel safe to be myself and unmask around Fran, in whatever mood I'm in. I know that I will be understood, listened to, empowered and challenged.


We have such a laugh together, and I always come away feeling uplifted and like I want to have a little dance :)"

Amy -  Berkshire,England - Women Coaching

"Fran is a kind and compassionate coach with a wealth of knowledge regarding neurodiversity.

My sessions with her have been invaluable and have had a hugely positive impact on my wellbeing.


Life as a women with ADHD presents with many challenges and Fran has supported me in finding strategies to manage these but has also helped me recognise my strengths and finally accept who I am!"

Ola - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Women Coaching

'When I started looking for a coach, I wasn't even sure I needed one or what to expect. With the late diagnosis I was already pretty much sure that I can push myself to almost anything, so I didn't know what I could achieve here. I could not be more wrong. Fran taught me that I do not have to push myself, that I can expect others to meet me halfway. And how to reach that halfway without breaking myself. That I can take a break and let myself rest! Before, when things were becoming too much, I knew only 'fight' response, now I know how to recognize when I need to pause so it is not even needed, how to regulate after and how to not give up when at first that doesn't work.
Fran also agreed to have a session with my team lead and another one with me and manager that helped them understand me better and helped me understand their perspective. That made my daily work life much easier and even opened up my company to look for neurodiversity training for other employees.
Being understood and having someone that can see things in similar way and help me go through it, brought me back from hopeless place of giving up on my job back to seeing brighter side of it and enjoying what I can do, but also understanding what I can't, what I shouldn't and how not let those things stop me. I'm really happy that I've found this place and Fran, and I'm sure I will be coming back soon to continue this journey.'

Dan - Birmingham, England - Neurodivergent Coaching

'I tried a couple of different coaches who specialise in ADHD/ASD, and Fran was the one who really clicked with me.


She has a wealth of knowledge, but just as importantly, she has first hand experience and understanding of the challenges that we face with these conditions.


I was recommended to try ADHD coaching by the psychiatrist who diagnosed me, and I was quite skeptical about how it would help me. However, Fran has helped me build several strategies tailored to me and my life, which have had real positive effects on me, and I'm gradually turning them into habits.


Fran is very empathetic, genuine and easy to talk to. I look forward to checking in with her each session!'

Louise- Maesteg, Wales - Access to Work - Women Coaching

Yesterday saw me complete my ADHD coaching sessions which I was fortunate to tap into via Access to Work.  This brought Francesca Biscotti into my life and what a crazy four months it has been.


I had no idea what to expect from Coaching, I went in open-minded because I wanted to understand how my ADHD brain worked and learn to work with it rather than against it.


One of the biggest things Coaching did was show me my strengths.  I have to admit when Fran told me "Louise do you think this could be fairness" I was skeptical, and to my surprise fairness came out as my number 1 strength.  

Learning how these strengths can be working in optimal and overuse was paramount, and only yesterday Fran reminded me that my "love of learning" strength is in overuse.  This is a constant daily practice to recognize when these strengths are optimal and overused.


Simply put, the power of pausing wasn't part of my life pre-coaching.  I would be doing anything at 1000 miles an hour, and often that brought consequences.  Pausing now forms part of my working schedule, as I need to regulate before jumping onto the next call or task.


Coaching has also allowed me to advocate for myself better.  During one particular week, a lot was going on outside of work and then I had the devastating news that my friend had unexpectedly passed away.  To say I was distraught was an understatement, however on this occasion, I chose to speak to my line manager, explain what was going on, and ask for the day off however that looked (Holiday, sick, unpaid).  I would never have done this before, I would have rocked up to work the next day and just said "I'm fine", and I could have done that, however, I am aware that by doing that I am masking, which leaves me exhausted.


Fran has also taught me how to cope when situations arise, now I'm aware there are two routes for me, Regulation or Processing.  This still requires daily practice, however, the daily practice is allowing me a greater understanding, and it is also reducing the amount of meltdowns that I was having previously.


Francesca Biscotti I cannot thank you enough for all of your support and guidance.

Kathryn - Nottingham, England - Women Coaching

"After being diagnosed with Adult ADHD I stood at the age of 44 and thought great, but what do I do with that diagnosis now? I must have heard about ADHD coaching and started to Google away and this is how I found Fran. From the initial enquiry and ongoing, Fran has been nothing but supportive and patient with me. I have found all of Fran's methods to be extremely helpful and purposeful in everyday life.  Fran has listened to me, but more importantly she heard me, she heard what I was saying and it felt for maybe, the first time in my life that I was understood. I have genuinely looked forward to having my sessions with Fran and always felt motivated after our sessions to try new things and think new thoughts. Whilst sometimes they didn't always go to plan, Fran has shown great compassion and understanding to my bumps in the road. 


I now call the chatter in my head the 'Gremlins' and I have pots of currency to process energy, emotions and feelings which I use every day to navigate my ADHD. Do I love my authentic self now? I certainly feel more accepting of the real me, but thankfully being a life longer learner, I am learning new things all the time and not being quite so hard on myself in the process. Fran will always be my coach and it having Fran's support has certainly given me more wins than the tradition methods of CBT and other talking therapies. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for support and guidance, in a way that empowers you and does not just give you the 'theory' and then leaves you alone to understand yourself better."  

Tazmin - London, England - Access to Work - Women Coaching

'Since being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, working with Fran has been a transformative experience and has allowed me to feel seen and validated in my experience. I have learnt so much about myself through ADHD coaching - from identifying strengths that I didn’t know I had, to accepting my unmasked self and making peace with the parts of me that I had previously felt guilty and ashamed about. I now feel noticeably more comfortable in my own skin, and leave each session feeling that little bit more empowered, more confident and better able to advocate for my needs. 

I really appreciate the support I’ve received from Fran - she is warm, compassionate and brilliant at what she does. I would strongly recommend Fran to anyone with ADHD/Autism wanting to step into their potential and learn how to work with their brain instead of against it.'

Sheresh, Parent - London, England - Coaching

'As a first time mum, seeing that my son wasn't achieving milestones at the average age was upsetting. I was at a very low  point in my life when I started noticing traits of autism in my son, I felt lonely and didn't know what to do or where to start. It was at this very point where I met Fran at one of the play groups. Her warm and compassionate approach to helping me understand where to go forth with helping my son is what lifted me up when I thought everything was crashing down. Her endless support and comforting advise at the "somewhere to belong" playgroup helped build a confident foundation within myself, which I knew I would need to be an advocate for my child in this world. Having the right person communicate with you when you're failing to understand why things haven't worked out the way you expected them to is vital, that person was Fran for us.'

Claudia, Teenager - London -England -Coaching

'Fran is a brilliant coach and listener. Her advice is coherent and she always offers well-thought alternative perspectives and options for problems being experienced. She has really helped me get through my teenage school experience, whether it was about friendship / social situations or work.'

Shazma, London, England - Consultancy

'Every child should the have opportunity to learn and develop skills which are essential for their future. My daughter is now 4 years old and she has been diagnosed with autism. I was really worried about Inaaya's future development, as she does struggle with social interaction, speech and language and does have very limited safety awareness. However, Fran provided a lot of guidance about calming techniques to help deal with tantrums and effective play activities and ideas to aid Inaaya's speech & language skills. It is absolutely lovely to speak to someone who can provide excellent support, listen to your concerns and able to interact with your child in a fun and positive way. Fran has recommended social stories, now and next boards, visual aids to help promote Inaaya's understanding especially when transitioning from one activity or place to another and to help with daily routine. Fran has engaged with children in such a way which has improved their attention skills through singing time and making the sessions fun and enjoyable. I am very happy to know Fran and she has been there for Inaaya especially during the early stages and after Inaaya's diagnosis providing fantastic support.'

Zenayp, London, England - Coaching

'What can I say about Fran.. from the moment me and my son met her we felt a special connection with her, it was her beautiful aura, her welcoming personality,her big smile, her kind and genuine words that always made us feel special.

In a environment where my son felt overwhelmed at times and would “play up” to a extent that it made other parents stare and make me feel uncomfortable it was Fran who always reassured me that it's okay and made us feel safe.

Her words of encouragement made both me and my son feel confident and build up our self esteem. 

I believe Fran is the first person my son ever gave a hug to other then his immediate family because of that connection she built with him. I can't imagine going through the tough times when Uzair was diagnosed with autism without her.

She is a true gem, a diamond so rare but treasured! Thank you for being in our lives.'

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