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Never ask permission to be yourselF!

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Who are we?
How ca we help you?

wHO ARe we?

At Open lines our purpose is to help others to understand theirs or their loved one's brain and behaviour, by listening, explaining and empowering, all free of judgement.

Our vision is to live in a world where neurodivergent people will allow themselves to live a life that is authentic to who they truly are.

At Open Lines, we operate on a client centred approach and therefore we start from you and your story. We are all unique!

How Can we Help You?

We live in a society where we are all focused running behind a secure job, money, and success. We are all aiming to have a great career that gives us financial security.

The more society evolves and the harder it is to keep up with expectations. And people are often forced to focus on how to meet those expectation by working (or studying) day and night.

If we could allow ourselves to PAUSE a moment, we would probably find out that behind all this pressure we hide the need to be listened to, to be paid attention to, to be seen and to be validated. Adults and children alike.

Neurodivergent coaching is addressed to anyone who might be experiencing neurodiverse challenges. It might be for you, for your partner, for your child or for anyone who has a connection with someone who might be considering a diagnosis, have a diagnosis or a dual-diagnosis. 

At Open Lines we provide Neurodivergent Coaching for ADHD and Autistic Women and Men, ADHD and Autistic Teens and Young Adults and Parents and Carers of a Neurodivergent Child. 

​In addition, we provide Educational Bespoke Training and Consultations for Early Years Settings, Educational Settings and Organisations. 




​-ADHD/ASC Women and Men

-ADHD/ASC individuals who do not recognise themselves as women

-Parents and Carers of an ADHD/ASC Child. 

-ADHD/ASC Teens and Young Adults from 14 years old

-Educational Settings/Organisations training and consultancy

                                                                   WHAT IF I AM A NEURODIVERGENT WOMAN?

During our coaching session, we will meet you where you are and we will focus on your strengths.

Together, we will challenge your old beliefs and change those negative narratives that stop you from thriving. At the end of our journey together you will be confident to speak your truth and show up in the world as your authentic self.​​​



Don't worry, we can still support you with our coaching! We will meet you where you are and we will focus on your strengths, challenge your old beliefs and change those negative narratives that stop you from thriving.

The only difference is you will have to go on services and select 'neurodivergent coaching' when booking a session!


                                        WHAT IF I AM THE PARENT OR CARER OF A NEURODIVERGENT CHILD? 

​We will empower you to come up with tailored strategies to better the connection between you and your child and we will guide you both to thrive.


​Together we will explore your self-esteem, your self-talk as a parent, and your emotions, such as shame and guilt.


At the end of our journey, you will be confident to enjoying parenting your child while making space for kindness and compassion.​​​​


We will get to know your child to understand who they are, what they like and what motivates them. 

Together we will understand their emotions, recognise them, label them and find the right self-regulation tools.

At the end of our journey, they will know who they are and what they need to turn on and fuel their engine and when and how to pause. 

                                                          WHO IS THE TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY FOR?


-Early Years Settings

-Primary and Secondary Schools


-Organisations (Boroughs, Children and Family Centers, Charities)

-Any Professional working with Neurodivergent Children

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